Welcome to Cards and Regards! I’m glad you’re here.

Do you feel as though the art of sending a real card in the mail is going by the wayside? Let’s not let it die! My goal is to provide you with quality handcrafted greeting cards for traditional occasions. You could find a thousand websites that will tell you how to make cards. I can and may do that from time to time. I may also share some of my favorite creative products with you. But I realize that not everybody has the time, skill, equipment or motivation to make cards. That’s where I hope to meet you; at that point where you wish for quality, but you wish somebody else would provide it.

I want to be your source of quality cards.

Someday, I may want to expand and provide card-related services, which might include:

  • Calendar aids; both digital and tangible
  • Make-your-own card kits
  • Buy-a-Set option, which might include a combination of:
    • Birthday
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Easter
    • Fourth of July
    • Halloween
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas

I also intend to provide some heartfelt and maybe entertaining editorials that could serve to explain to you what motivates me and will also hopefully inspire you to not just purchase cards, but to actually send them in the mail to the people you love.

They will love and appreciate you for thinking of them.

Please take a look around and let me know what you think. I’m interested to know if any of this sounds appealing to you.