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Play Your Ukulele

The month of May includes a day called Play Your Ukulele Day. When I saw that on the calendar, I recalled a really sweet story about a girl who popped into our home and played her ukulele for our daughter.

Several years ago, our daughter was recruited to go on a trip with a youth group. Her role was sort of a secondary leader. As it turned out, the primary leader abruptly departed the trip, which left our daughter as the primary leader…of a bunch of teenagers…when she was barely out of her teens herself. If you’ve ever spent more than ten minutes in the vicinity of teenagers,¬†you know that they can be energetic. Sadly, many of the young people in today’s world carry buckets of depression, anxiety, loneliness and so many other problems. Let’s just say it was a stressful week for our daughter.

She did also bond with an especially lovely, stable young teen, however, and it was that young lady who arrived on our doorstep one day soon after the trip, ukulele in hand. She announced that she was there to play the ukulele for our daughter. Our daughter was still in bed, recovering from the trip.

“That’s alright. I’ll play for her anyway,” declared the lovely young lady. She promptly ascended the entryway steps and made her way down the hallway to our daughter’s room. She situated herself cross-legged on the bed like she owned the place and there she played a lovely little tune on her ukulele, a sweet gift of thanks to our daughter for giving time and love to a bunch of young teens. Actually, I don’t even remember if it was a lovely little tune. But it was lovely of her to come offer her gift of music as a sweet tribute to our daughter.

Do you know a ukelele player [or pianist, or percussionist, or harpist, or…you get the idea]?

Do you have a daughter [or know someone else] who is devoted to give time, love and service to others?

Oh, and those troubled teenagers. They need lots and lots of love.

The great thing about love is that it’s free to give.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” ~James Keller

A card is a great way to let them know you care.

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